From Turkey to Türkiye: What’s in a New Name?

Turkey changes its name in historic event. When was the last time the name was changed and why? Read on for more.


Turkey is a country in southwest Asia. It also has some European land. As of 2022, Turkey will be changing its name to Turkiye. This new name was derived from the Anatolian tribe of the Oguz Turks. They founded the Seljuk Empire in Central Asia in the 11th century. The Seljuks then migrated westward into Anatolia and ruled over most of central and eastern Turkey for six centuries. However, they were eventually defeated by Mongol invaders in 1243.

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Türkiye is a country that has been invaded and ruled by many different empires and cultures over the centuries. The Persians, Greeks, Romans, and the Turks themselves have all brought their own traditions, creating a melting pot of influence and culture.

By the time World War I came around, a new Republic formed. Led by Mustafa Ataturk, this new Republic made some radical changes to the country. Surprisingly, that included changing the name from Turkiye to Republic of Turkey. He believed that this would help create a new Turkish identity and distance themselves from their Ottoman past.

The change in name had a major impact on Turkish culture. Ataturk promoted westernization and modernization of the country. The founding of new educational institutions began. Giving women the right to vote and wear modern clothing. Also, this included adopting the Latin alphabet instead of Arabic script. For the purpose of promoting education in Turkish rather than Ottoman Turkish.

Quote from President Erdogan about Turkey name change

Present Day

President Erdogan announces that the country will no longer be called “Turkey”. He said this name does not reflect the culture and values of the people. Releasing a statement on December 3rd stating the country will now be known as “Türkiye”. At this time, exported products and brands will begin using the new name.

“The phrase Türkiye represents and expresses the culture, civilization and values of the Turkish nation in the best way,” Erdogan’s statement said.

Some people are unsure about the name change. It has gained traction in the past month. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website has a new welcome banner with the name change. It includes a new logo and Twitter Account change to @Turkiye.

Erdogan changed the name of the country. Markedly, he may have done this to show that he is still in control. Although, people accused him of violating human rights. He may have done this to unify the country and create a stronger Turkish identity. Moreover, some believe that he could be paving the way for another presidential run.

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