The Best Gay & Lesbian Bars in the World

LGBTQ bars, the best worldwide!

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride. Although some countries are restricting travel due to Covid’s Delta variant, the lgbtq+ community is yearning to pack up their suitcases and venture into a gay traveller’s paradise. To think, it’s been a whole COVID-19 year without lgbtq+ friendly bars, clubs, and drag shows…the inhumanity. 

Truly, the lgbtq meaning of life is to party, be super hot, and love freely. 

Whether you’re traveling and gay dating, committed in a gay marraige, or single and gay (and proud of it) no need to Google “gay bars near me”— we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of some of the best gay and lesbian bars in the world: 

Kinky Bar – Mexico City 

Zona Rosa is Mexico City’s vibrant lgbtq+ community, also home to Kinky Bar, a wildly fun and crowded bar/club. Currently open, this gigantic three story, upscale bar is an excess of entertainment, different kinds on each floor. 

The first floor is dedicated to their bar and restaurant ‘La Chipocluda Neo-Cantina’, perfect for fueling up and pregaming. The bar serves an impressive Micheleda at a competitive price. 

The second floor holds ‘La Carpita Karaoke’, the karaoke floor. The third floor ‘Gran Terraza’ has a terrace overlooking the patio downstairs. All throughout, a DJ plays a mix between Latinx, Spanish, and American music, all bangers, all night. And for queer ladies, there’s a women’s only night every Thursday!

Akbar – Los Angeles 

One of the most iconic gay bars in Silverlake and Los Angeles, Akbar is rich with lgbtq+ history. Also seen in films like Beginners (starring the late Christopher Plummer) it’s a Hollywood staple. If you’re looking for a laid-back bar with hipstery folks wanting to have a gay chat, then this is it. 

On top of having a deep connection to the lgbtq+ community in LA, plus a back bar and dance floor, Akbar is currently open, no reservations necessary. However, with the return of California’s mask mandate, the owners are asking that people come vaccinated AND with masks on. 

FTM Bois Bar in GF – Tokyo

Tokyo’s gay district, Shinjuku’s Ni-Chōme, has some of the world’s highest concentration of lgbtq+ bars and clubs. It’s hard to choose a favorite from a rich assortment of thriving establishments. 

Due to the Delta variant, a lot of places are closing temporarily all throughout Japan. From July 12th until the end of August, FTM BOIS Bar will also be closed. However, when it’s open, it’s a cool, chic bar known as a safe-space and entertainment venue for trans men. Karaoke nights, free popcorn, and fun drinks, it’s the place to be. 

Their bar, Gold Finger, also hosts women-only nights on Saturdays and is open for anyone else  the rest of the week—gay, genderqueer, or straight. Run by trans men, for trans men, it’s one of the few bars in the world that caters specifically to trans clientele. 

Cubbyhole – New York City

The US only has a few remaining lesbian-specfic bars, Cubbyhole being one of the last two in Manhattan. Open since 1994, Cubbyhole NYC is finally back from a long COVID-19 hiatus. This historic West Village lesbian bar boasts a jukebox and free popcorn, a colorful atmosphere, plus rainbow colored lanterns and pinatas littering the ceiling. 

Now equipped with a new frozen machine, the bar also offers daiquiris, margaritas, and frosé. If you want bang for your buck, Monday through Saturday from 4-7pm, Cubbyhole’s happy hour serves half-off drinks, wine, and beer. Butch lesbian, femme, or non-conforming, this is NYC’s hub for gay women. 

Les Souffleurs – Paris 

What a dream to be in the city of love—gay love! From the outside, Les Souffleurs serves a low-status look, cradled and small in between other establishments. Inside, however, it’s a whole different deal. Dark, classy, and decked out in stylish lgbtq+ paraphernalia, it’s a cool spot where gay Parisians extend inclusivity with an exterior of exclusivity. 

Les Souffleurs is known for its music scene, also a venue for up-and-coming DJs to spin alternative electronica. If you’re looking for a bit of edge and masculinity, after the customary eiffel tour, check out this bar. 

Wildrose –  Seattle 

Known as one of the oldest lesbian bars on the West Coast, opened in 1984, Wildrose keeps strong with its namesake. Whether you’re a lipstick lesbian, a butch queen, or a femme enby, Wildrose is women owned and operated bar, and welcoming of all lgbtq+ family. 

The bar itself has a young feel, despite almost being 40 years old, but doesn’t try hard to be trendy. It’s a place for the lgbtq+ community to come together, discuss the lesbian manifesto, and get plastered off of Smirnoff Blue Lemonade or Coconut Lime Refreshers.

Due to Covid-19, the bar is still at 50% capacity, but still thriving with daily specials and events. This includes Wildrose softball games, plus karaoke every Wednesday at 9pm — a total sapphic package! 

Asia Blue – Shanghai 

First established in 2000, Asia Blue’s newly moved bar space is a mixture of campy neon, art deco, and 80s mashup paraphernalia. It’s an adventure in decorative excess, also boasting porcelain replicas of Michelangelo’s David and a “private KTV room” on the raised loft space.

A space meant to serve gay men, it’s one of it’s first kind in Shanghai. It’s known for large gay dance parties and karaoke. Although, it’s focus is on men, all lgbtq+ folks are welcome. 

Asia Blue is currently open, but call ahead before going because they don’t have a website for COVID-19 hours and updates. 

Village – London 

You can be a West End girl, boy, or nonbinary person at Soho London’s Village. A versatile venue with two floors, there’s something for everyone. Upstairs plays pop favorites and has more relaxing lounge areas, while the basement hosts DJ sets for an exciting club scene. And you don’t need to be bisexual to try both! 

Village is also investing in the future, using their website for pre-orders of menu specials, currently their champagne, prosecco, and jagerbombs. 

What’s one of your favorite LGBTQ bars? Let us know in the comments!