Must Do Dubai: Glow in the Rare Red Dunes

There’s something about red sand that just makes you feel alive. It could be the fact that it’s so rare to find, or maybe it’s the challenge of getting to the remote places of the world. Whatever it is, if you want an unforgettable desert experience, make sure to add the Lehbab Desert in Dubai to your bucket list! With its iconic red sand dunes and endless expanses of rolling dunes, this is one destination you won’t want to miss.

Here are six reasons why this Lehbab Desert should be on your bucket list:

Traditional Arabic tents in the Lehbab Desert

Stay in Traditional Arabic Tents

Enjoy an evening at the exclusive Al Khayma Desert Camp – with its traditional Arabic tents and luxurious amenities, the Al Khayma Desert Camp is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the desert scenery. Everything here is set up for your needs and you can create a tour based on what you and/or your group are looking to experience.

The tents are equipped with basic amenities so you can get the real experience of a desert night.

SUV bashing in the red dunes of Dubai

Go Sand Bashing

Bash across the iconic red dunes of the Lehbab Desert – One of the best things to do in the Lehbab Desert is to go dune bashing! This exhilarating activity is perfect for adrenaline junkies and those who want to get their heart racing. Be sure to hold on tight as you race across the desert in a four-wheel drive!

What is dune bashing you ask? Folks in Dubai like to take their four-wheel drives out into the desert and go for a joyride across the sand dunes. It’s a bit like off-roading, but with giant sand dunes instead of dirt tracks or rocky terrain.

You can also rent quads, if you prefer something a little smaller to handle.

Traditional Arabic barbecue dinner

Feast on BBQ

Feast on a delicious BBQ buffet with local cuisines and sweets – After a day of exploring the desert, you’ll definitely be ready for a feast! At the Al Khayma Desert Camp, you can enjoy a delicious BBQ buffet with local cuisines and sweets. You’ll try gaymat (sweets), gahwa (coffee), dates, rogag (bread) and chai (Arabic tea). There are vegetarian options as well!

This is the perfect way to end your day in the desert.

Young woman with camel in Lehbab Desert Dubai

Hang with Camels

Get to know and ride the camp’s camels across the desert – One of the highlights of staying at the Al Khayma Desert Camp is getting to know and ride the camp’s camels! These friendly animals are a great way to explore the desert and they’re sure to make your experience even more memorable.

The animals are treated with respect and have been used as a means of transport for thousands of years.

Woman with Falcon in Dubai desert

Learn about Falconry

After a day on the dunes partake in camp activities like Shisha, Henna painting, and falconry. These activities are a great way to learn about the local culture and traditional desert life. Falconry is one of the oldest forms of hunting in Arabia and it’s still practiced today in many desert camps.

Traditional Arabic Khaliji dance

Enjoy the Culture

After dinner there will be live entertainment. Watch traditional Arabic dances performed including the amazing Tanoura dance and Ladies Khaliji Dance. There are also fire dancers and other entertainment to enjoy as you try Shisa and relax before bed.

With its unique red sand dunes and endless desert landscapes this is a mustdo Dubai experience. From luxury camps to exhilarating activities, there’s something for everyone in this one-of-a-kind desert. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to the Lehbab Desert today!

Do you have any desert experiences that are on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!

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