Can You Still Find a Love for Bali?

Bali has exploded in the last 10 years from a sleepy, surfer’s paradise to one of the top destinations for travelers and digital nomads. The streets are packed, the secret spots are sprawled across social media, and every influencer with an acai bowl and filters have found their “take me back” photos for the next decade. But just because it’s not off the beaten path any longer, doesn’t mean you can’t have the experience of a lifetime.  Here’s 5 reasons why Bali is still worth your time and money. 

Looking out over the fields of Bali

It’s Beautiful

This one is pretty easy right? Search any social media location or hashtag of Uluwatu, Canggu, or Seminyak and you’ll find picture perfect views, beautiful people, and overly friendly monkeys.  From lush rice fields to the breathtaking mountains and oceans, sacred temples, hidden waterfalls in a lush jungle, and colorful wildlife it’s no wonder Bali has increasingly climbed the Top 10 tourism charts for the past 20 years. For some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we recommend Kuta and Seminyak for first-timers and party-goers. Want something a little more low-key? Try Balangan and Melasti beaches.

It’s Still Relatively Inexpensive

We know everyone’s price points are different, but relatively speaking you can still do Bali and even neighboring Lombok on the cheap. Depending on where you are coming from, the plane ticket is usually the most expensive part of this trip. Book your flight early. For example, Lokal Bali Hostel has dorm room prices for solo travelers at only $15-$20/night in peak season. Whereas a boutique hotel like Zin Canggu, which has its own pools per room and is walking distance to one of the most popular beaches, runs about $100-150/night depending on the time of year. 

As always, compare hotel prices before booking.

Woman surfing in Indonesia

The Surfing is World Class

Long before Bali became an influencer paradise it was (and still is) home to world renowned surfers. Warm waters, consistent waves, and the legendary Bukit peninsula, there’s no shortage of surf spots from beginner to seasoned expert. 

Along the southern beaches you will find surfboards to rent or lessons held for about $15-30 USD. But be careful, trust your gut, and don’t get out of your comfort zone. Always make sure you’re prepared with travel insurance.

Surfing not your style? Book a day trip or excursion around the island.

Woman bathing in sacred temple in Bali.

It’s a Digital Nomad’s Paradise 

Bali is still consistently ranked as one of the best places for digital nomads. Good weather year-round, cheap long-term stays and friendly co-working spaces in every city.  Zin Cafe is one of our personal favorites for spending the day working in paradise. They offer daily and monthly rates as well as discounts for members staying in their hotel. It’s only steps from the beach and right in the heart of hotspot Canggu. Another great space is the Bali Bustlewhich offers co-working and co-living. 

We also recommend Tropical Nomad Canggu and Biliq Seminyak

Traditional Balinese dance.

There is a magic to Bali that is Unparalleled

Today, Bali is the only remaining stronghold of Hinduism in the archipelago, and Balinese life is centred on religion—a blend of Hinduism (especially that of the Shaivite sect), Buddhism and the Malay ancestor cult.  Each family lives in their own compound surrounded by earthen or stone walls. About one-fourth of the agricultural acreage is irrigated, the remainder being used for yams, cassava, corn (maize), coconuts, fruits, and, occasionally palm oil and coffee plantings. 

Experience this one-of-a-kind culture first hand with a local guide that can create a unique and personalized experience. Book and build a custom tour now

As always, before travelling anywhere we believe it’s important to do a quick search on local etiquette. Respect is important and it will go a long way in improving your experience. 

Remember, sometimes the well-worn path is well-worn for a reason. It would be a shame for a few too many hashtags to be the reason you miss everything Bali has to offer. Happy adventures!

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